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I'm back from New Orleans and what a trip that was!

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In love with weathered nickel

This is going to be a short post because between too many hours spent on the computer with design work and lifting tile samples, I’ve tweaked my lower back. I’m a bit like a 4-year-old at the moment; can’t sit still for too long.

Tuesday, I fly off to New Orleans courtesy of Modenus BlogTourNOLA and our kind sponsors  to report on design and doings. (Sitting in a plane for multiple hours, yay. Can’t wait.)

In the meantime, here’s something to talk about: weathered nickel, specifically for cabinet handles and knobs. 

 Weathered handles

Sure, it’s been around forever, and many older homes may have a worn iron that is similar to this patina, but here are 4 reasons why I’m enamored with it now:

  • The burnish is softer than stainless
  • For those who don’t like seeing fingerprints on metal
  • It fits well with all styles: traditional, transitional, and contemporary
  • It goes well with stainless fixtures

There are some name variations on the finish, such as burnished pewter or weathered iron. Ordering a sample before you buy would be a good idea as there is a wide variation on the “weathering”.

Because, as I see it, you don’t need to make your appliances, plumbing, and handles match. Not that there’s anything wrong with that; simply, as a designer, I’m always looking to layer elements in a room. This is a nice way to do it.

Do you like the finish? Would you use it?